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Very simply:


I’m a music teacher that teaches piano, violin, cello saxophone, brass instruments, theory and history of music, I coach the occasional voice and I love what I do.

I hold an Honours Degree in Musicology(Unisa), 2 Performing Licentiates (Piano and Tuba)(UNISA) – This includes ALL qualifying theory exams (GRADE 7) and Qualifying practical exams (Grade 8). I Passed my Grade 8 Unisa Violin exam. I am self taught on Cello, Saxophone and Clarinet.

I collect soundtracks. I try to collect red wine……enough said!

I enjoy fiddling with computers and Linux – have had to reformat a few times, haha.


Here’s the longer version:


I am a music teacher in the smallish town of Richards Bay on the Eastern Coast of South Africa.
I started music (piano and theory) lessons at the age of 4.

I attended the National School of Arts (previously School of Music, Art and Ballet) for High School.
In high school. I started learning the violin as a 2nd instrument but swopped to Tuba after 18 months – couldn’t cope with the stress.

I joined the Army Band in 1980 as a Tuba Player.

I Completed my UNISA Grd7 theory in 1987 and then my Tuba Licentiate and BMus Degree in 1989.
I continued my studies through UNISA and achieved my Honours degree in 1993.
I did not do much for the next few years except resign from the Army in 1995.
I started giving private music lessons in 1998 and at that time, began to practice the piano again training myself to practice up to 8 hours a day. On 11 September 2001
I passed my Piano performers Licentiate (UNISA) in the first try after only 8 months of preparing the pieces.
This was the culmination of thousands of hours practice and overcoming my fear of this exam. So to all those who doubt, NEVER give up. If I can, you can do it too!!
I crazily started violin again after almost 30 years and started practicing.
2 years later I played my Grade 8 UNISA violin exam and passed with merit.
I was given a clarinet shortly afterwards and spent 18 months learning the fingering and cross-fingering etc. I really wanted a Sax (and Yet I had always thought
that these instruments were from hell – anyway…)
I went to the states in 2009 and … I bought one of those instruments. Now I wish I had bought one earlier – they are such fun to play. I played and learnt
that for 18 months and accomplished enough to teach more than just the basics.
Maybe something has overcome the masochistic tendency to practice because I bought a cello. I set about playing scales, learning how to shift, stretch, strengthen
the right shoulder. I learnt the scales and thumb positions and ended up playing all the grade 7 and 8 pieces with accompaniment – I think I would have passed the exam.
Still not satisfied, I bought a Euphonium and as I had previously played – albeit a long time ago – the Tuba, the transition was not so easy – Just needed to get the lips to stay
closed after practicing so that I didn’t drool.
This year 2012, I have acquired an instrument that I have wished for  – I now have my own Grand Piano. She is a Bluthner and was made in 1920.
Whats next – a viola and a banjo !!!!

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