Music Adjudication

I have just finished 3 intense days of music adjudicating local talent. Here are some observations and thoughts.

1) There are definite strengths and weaknesses across the full spectrum of students.

2) I wonder what weaknesses are visible in my students’ playing?

3) Pay attention to the smallest detail. Every note, dote, black mark has a purpose.

4) Don’t teach music because you are under pressure for the kids to perform. Actually lay the foundations securely even if it means revisiting basics and teaching at a slower pace.

5) Don’t teach parrot fashion – get the students to understand every rhythm and every note.

6) Teach stylistically – especially Baroque touch – semi-detached notes.

7) Make music Fun – Sometimes we are too stuck-up/traditional and lose the relevancy of the joy of teaching music and its holistic effect  on education, sport, self-worth etc.


If teaching music is no longer a passion,  then ………


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