Birth of a Studio

My studio was born out of a need for a seperate section in the house to teach. I tought in a room that had 2 archways – one led to the lounge and the other to the entrance hall/kitchen area.

I suppose there were advantages – I got the aroma of cooking food every night.

But I could not stop the sounds of visitors, or people looking in, or my wife telling my kids in sweet loud dulcet tones how they should be doing their homework.

At the same time, my twins who were a boy and a girl shared a room but were at the age where they needed their own rooms.

So I “sacrificed” my teaching room after we turned the garage into a studio.

Oh yes I also forgot to mention that it was at this time that I started learning/playing the violin. My wife came to me one day (after an hour of hacking scales) and suggested I practice when she went out…….


Almost from the same viewpoint – 2004



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