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NEW! Rock and Pop 2017

Rock and Pop

I currently train 3 students in the Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus. In 2017 I will be expanding this and offering Rock and Pop Band lessons.

The instruments offered for this will be:

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and vocals.

This training will be done in a group. The Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus will be used as the foundation for training – please follow the link for more detail: Rock and Pop Brochure

Students will be taught how to read music/tab for their respective instrument. Each book comes with backing tracks for individual use at home. Each student, if proficient can then be entered for the internationally recognised exams and when succesful, receive a certificate. By grade 3 level (music) the band can enter as a group...

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Choosing a teacher.

Please Choose your teacher carefully.

I am not going to say I am a good music teacher, but I have students who come to me and I cringe. I cringe because I have to tell the parent that that music teacher does not know what he/she is doing.

A piano student came to me after completing 2 books. I asked her to play middle C – she didnt know what that was. I asked her to point out a crotchet (quarter note) in the music – she didnt know what it was. The teacher had also written the names of the notes under each note.

A violin student came to me after a year with a teacher. The student didnt know the names of the strings and couldn’t hold the bow properly.

A voice student wanted coaching at grade 8 level – she couldn’t read music!!!!!

A classical guitar student was brought to me by his m...

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New Logo

I have been wanting a new logo for years but never found anything that I liked.

I was scrolling through a blog and found an image with some fancy script. So I copied the idea, found a font I liked, linked it to a music image and out of that is born my new logo.

logo 2


This will be seen in many of my postings and may even add it to an email template.


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This is the sax….

I always thought that Saxes were instruments that came from the pit of hell. Well about 3-4 yrs ago I actually bought one and learnt to play it. Then I bought another and experimented by putting silicone rubber pads in it. Sold the first one and bought and much better sax, and then bought a 1924 Martin Stencil C melody Saxophone in Immaculate condition. Somewhere I came across the poem below, But I also sold the C Melody. I paid about $120 for it and sold it for $1100 – now thats great business. Actually I miss it very much but sold it to pay for my grand piano.

Anyway here is the poem

This is the sax that Jack blew.

This is the fall that broke the sax that Jack blew.

This is the stand that held the horn before the fall
That broke the sax that Jack blew.

This is the drunk that kicked the...

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