Music Lessons

I am a music teacher in Richards Bay and work mostly from my studio in Arboretum.

I am convinced that the learning and playing of a music instrument, enhances, affects, contributes to and enhances the brain and its development; that music is the brain foundation for maths and science; that motor and spatial development improves sport co-ordination; that music improves the brain’s ability to recall information thereby enhancing the learning experience.

I teach a range of instruments (Piano, Violin, Trumpet, Cello, Saxophone, Clarinet) and cater for all age groups and all levels. I also teach all the required prerequisite theory for all the UNISA grades.  I also teach adults – some mom’s come for lessons themselves in the mornings.

I enter students for exams when they are ready – UNISA, Trinity Guildhall or Royal School of Music.

Some statements up front: 1). I do not teach the piano syllabus of Trinity – my preference. 2). A keyboard is not a piano.

Lessons include an individual lesson of a half hour session at a set time each week.

I am able to supply music instruments at reasonable rates (called teacher discount) and provide the services of a piano tuner. Please contact me should you require anything in this regard.

Before contacting me, please read the following pages:

Guidelines to learning music.

Parents guide to Lessons for Children

Choosing a teacher.

Should you or your son/daughter want lessons please contact me via the form below. My studio policy with fee structure is also available on request.

I look forward to your enquiries.

My timetable is currently fairly full. However, please submit your queries in the contact form below and I will contact you and let you know the availability of slots.

(TIMETABLE: For existing Students – I have moved the timetable. The password is in the same manner as that used for the fee schedule)


My Name is Terence Bloem.

My qualifications are as follow:


UPLM (Piano and Tuba)(UNISA)

Violin Grade 8 (UNISA)

I am also proficient on Cello, Euphonium, and Saxophone.


Music lessons are currently priced at R760 per month for 1, half-hour lesson per week.

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